Homer Wood Fellows
Homer Wood was a young attorney in San Francisco who was a member of the City's Union League Club and San Francisco Gold and Country Club when he got interested in starting the second Rotary Club in the U.S. in 1908. He had moved to the City from Sacramento shortly after the 1906 Great Earthquake and Fire to set up his business.

In his honor, the San Francisco Rotary Foundation established the Homer Wood Fellowship in 1995 to honor individuals contributing $1,000 or more to the Foundation.The Fellowship also serves as a method of providing memorial recognition and honoring friends, relatives, and outstanding individuals through a donation of $1,000 or more in the individuals names.
Homer Wood Fellows honored by the San Francisco Rotary Foundation are:
Art Agnew
Robin Azevedo
Al Barnston
Herb Bergren
Burton Berry
Casey Blair
Marshall Blum
Tom Brunner
Curtis A. Burr
Dickson C. Buxton
Cecile Chiquette
Dr. Scharleen H. Colant
Gary Dales
William H. Ecker
Bill Gregory
Bob Hermann
Allan L. Herzog
Harold M. Hoogasian
Tim Hornbecker
Grant E. Hundley
Dan Joraanstad
William A. Koefoed
Peter Lagarias
Kevin Leong
Charles Massen
John Mathers
Luis Moran
Don Morrison
Lisa Moscaret-Burr  
Richard Newburgh
Donald G. Parachini
Thomas J. Parry
Jim Patrick
Linda S. Pavia
Scott Plakun
Bill Poppen
Everett L. Price
Sue Rokaw
Wendy Ross
Bob Schmitz
Dr. David T. Shen
Anita Stangl
William B. Sturgeon
Libby Swope
W. Carroll Tornroth
Howard R. Waits
Robert B. Wilhelm
Christopher Wiseman
Gary Wollin
Rosey Wong
Samuel M. Yates
Jason Yuen